• Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, 2019
  • ceramic
    various sizes between
    h 20 x w 60 x d 20 cm //
    h 15 x w 25 x d 25 cm

These clay “creatures” stand and lie there, shimmering silver-turquoise and white on the outside, glazed inside in shiny (blood) red. Some of them consist of a central sphere from which one or two trumpet-like arms grow, reaching out, interlocking, resting on or sucking at the spherical belly. Underlined by their coloration, this makes these ceramic objects seem very organic, like human or animal innards. Other “creatures” are either two adjoining trumpet forms or small cones representing their counterpart or filling.

Photo(s): Rainer Schlautmann (1-7), Katrin Wegemann (8-22)