DROPS, 50° C

  • Galerie Dina4 Projekte, 2008
  • 2 candles, 2 machines, 2 water pumps,
    140 liters of water, glass basin, table trestle
    l 105 x w 67 x d 103 cm

Lighted candles are horizontally attached to the left and right edges of a glass basin filled with 140 liters of water. Two electric motors rotate the candles, and two pumps set the water in motion. While the candle wax melts and drips, the water moves in an eddy, so that the wax forms aleatoric figures when it falls and hardens. The wax remains on the surface of the water and in motion, which causes the individual particles to clump together and form landscapes.

Photo(s): o.T.