A Life of Their Own

  • Alte Feuerwache, Berlin 2023
  • Ceramic objects, drawings

The visualization of time is the central subject matter of Katrin Wegemann’s work. At the Alte Feuerwache, new works are presented that allow the performative character of her time-based sculptures to recede into the background and imbue the rigidity of their ceramic material with fluid changes and gently a pulsating vitality. A LIFE OF THEIR OWN is the name Katrin Wegemann gives to a miraculous assembly of beings, housings, masks, capsules, shells, drops … which she places on pedestals, on the walls, or directly on the floor, playfully arranging them while keeping each of their constellations open—as fertile, variant associative spaces these objects or modules inhabit individually or in coexistence. Time is always also a moment—formed, shaped, solidified in the singular work.
Slow, interflowing movements are inherent in all these amorphous organisms, amoeba-like mutants, and series. Katrin Wegemann brings them together in this exhibition as developments, continuing experiences, or living metamorphoses—changes of state are possible at any time, performative events included.

Photo(s): Bernd Borchardt