ACCUMULATION – Performance

  • Französischer Dom, Französische Friedrichstadt Kirche Berlin 2018
  • Table, 4 boxes, black paper and white paper, bucket, broom

Exhibition opening. Dea Szücs begins to play the violin on the organ gallery, and the visitors gradually become aware of her. She then moves down to a raised section on the left of the nave, where she continues her improvised responses to people’s movements and reactions. The visitors gather around her, and some begin to play with the two wooden boxes filled with white or black snippets of paper. By pulling the latex skin on the underside of the boxes and then letting it go, short banging noises occur in a duet with the violin. A few minutes later the musician moves to the raised section on the other side of the nave, where there is a latex-covered table and two other wooden boxes. These are filled with tiny white or black pieces of paper, which the visitors can take from the underside of the boxes and place on the table – sometimes just one color, sometimes a mixture of both. Then the elastic tabletop is pulled downwards and released with a bang – the paper flies up in a large fountain. The violinist reacts with her music to the visitors’ increasingly frequent actions. Playing with the snippets of paper and playing on the violin become an exhilarating collective game lasting 25 minutes.

Photo(s): René Arnold