• Wewerka Pavillon, Münster, 2006
  • Pane Paste, 2000 litres of wallpaper paste,
    Building: 10 x 20 m

In the beginning of the exhibition a milky, just slightly translucent layer of wallpaper paste coverd the glass surfaces. Having experimented with the processes of standard wallpaper paste a transformated mode of function was added.
In the first two phases of work the artist applied the paste firstly thin, then thick to the glass walls by hand and roughly spread it over the whole surface. Every time the slowly moving, dripping fluid had dried, she added another layer, until the entire glass was covered with several uneven layers. In the third phase, visible to the visitors, water started to diffuse from the paste and at the edges of the windows the dried areas slowly began to come off. Finally, in phase four, the paste partially peeled away towards the middle of the center of the room and fell off, thus piece by piece revealing again the view into and through the pavilion. The shed, dehumidified parts lay on the floor of the exhibition space like peeled off skin, shrunk, ripped and rolled up. The work transformed itself from an installation encompassing the whole room to a floor sculpture.

Photo(s): Katrin Wegemann